No-Hassle Vacation Homes

Photo © Dover Bay

by Nick Neely

“Vacation” connotes a different idea for every person. Some find their ideal vacation on the 23rd floor of a glamorous hotel. For others, the ideal vacation lies hidden in a log cabin miles away from cell phone reception. However, nearly all agree a vacation ought to provide relaxation and a retreat from the demands of everyday life.

Vacation properties provide a continual headquarters from which we can set out on adventures and escapes. Unfortunately, leisure properties burden some property owners with a constant cycle of yardwork and window-cleaning. But several vacation properties across the Northwest unburden getaways by handling these chores for you.

Maintenance-free housing refers to vacation properties that either have exteriors without need of continual service or retain staff to do such chores for you. In the latter case, homeowners will often pay an HOA fee to cover these maintenance costs. These services commonly include landscaping, exterior maintenance and snow removal.

Dover Bay, Idaho

Spanning more than 285 acres of land, Dover Bay encompasses eleven neighborhoods, each one with its own design to suit its unique environment. Walking through, you’ll immediately recognize each area as distinctive, from the forest-bordered estuary to the eastern wetlands. Five of the neighborhoods provide maintenance-free housing: Dover Meadows, Cabin in the Woods, Marina Town, Bayside South and Parkside Bungalows.

The community surrounds a bay off of Lake Pend Oreille, granting quick access to the water from each neighborhood. Half of the land remains set aside for community use, such as a 9-mile walking trail, marina and 9 acres of beaches and parks, as well as a restaurant and market. Dover Bay sits only three miles from Sandpoint and 12 miles from Schweitzer Mountain Resort.
Property prices in Dover Bay start at $179,000. For more information on Dover Bay, go to To learn more about visiting Sandpoint, Idaho, go to

Lookout, Washington

Developed by the designers of Seabrook on Washington’s Northwest coast, Lookout embodies the same luxury resort housing in a location that’s closer to the nearest town’s amenities. Located a mile from Chelan, Lookout rests on the shores of scenic Lake Chelan and is currently constructing a marina, an additional pool and recreation fields.

When it comes to construction, the Lookout doesn’t cook it until you order it. Buyers will be able to pick the style and size of their house as well as its location on the property. The construction materials ensure little exterior upkeep and the native landscape demands little attention as well. The deep porches on each house not only nurture a neighborly culture but also serve as a maintenance-free yard solution. Construction time takes around six months.

The entire Lookout experience centers around effort-free relaxation. The facility retains cleaners you can hire to ensure your vacation starts fresh as well as shoppers who can stock your kitchen with a variety of foodstuffs before you arrive.
Property prices in Lookout start at $419,000. For more information on Lookout, go to: To learn more about Chelan, go to

Arrowood Development, Oregon

Arrowood Development constructed two vacation properties within ten minutes of Bend: Pointswest and Tripleknot. While both provide maintenance-free living, they offer residents different approaches to their vacations.

Pointswest provides high-quality townhouses interjected with a rustic ambiance. The dominant dark wood themes and stone fireplaces evoke the images of an idyllic forest retreat.

However, your getaway doesn’t have to be far away. The property sits between Widgi Creek Golf Club and Seventh Mountain Resort, making it remarkably close to Deschutes River and National Forest and unparalleled access to Mt. Bachelor. Property prices in Pointswest begin at $479,000. For more information on Pointswest, visit
Meanwhile, the Tripleknot complements the Scottish themes found in its neighboring golf course: the Tetherow Golf Club. David McLay Kidd, who also designed the Bandon Dunes Golf Course and the new St. Andrews Link Castle Course, took inspiration from his homeland’s terrain when designing the course. The name Tripleknot is a nod to these Scottish roots.

Tripleknot’s location gives residents more than golfing opportunities. The nearby Deschutes river is open to a wide variety of aquatic activities, including rafting, paddling and fly-fishing. Property prices at Tripleknot begin at $589,000. For more information on Tripleknot, visit

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